We offer a unique opportunity to increase sales and expand your customer base.

Your guests love the atmosphere of your place, so why not to use this opportunity and offer Premium Hookah Service as well?
Hookah outsourcing not only is an extra source of income for your business, but also is a great addition to attracting new customers.
In our company, we share a vision for supreme service. Our staff has wide experience, ranging from shisha mixing to a passion for the art.
We pay attention to detail, from designing of menus to creating whole concepts that fit businesses we work with.
Working with us is very simple: Operational costs, salaries and purchasing of all needs are on our side, with pure profit being yours.
Let's impress your guests!

Why work with us

Modern equipment: Contemporary hookah pipes, hygienic silicone hoses, best clay and
silicone bowls, and heat management devices.
Finest selection of flavors from premium tobacco brands including, Fumari, Al-Fakher, Starbuzz,
Tangiers, Nakhla, Lavoo, Hookafina, Azur and premium coconut charcoals.
Professional staffs in hookah craft that can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.
Premium and safe service for your guests – Our hookah pipes are safe to use, stable and have
anti-flip prevention. Hookah smoke has a very nice smell and doesn’t bother nonsmoking guests.
Exclusive menu with wide range of options: fruit heads, cocktail vases, various tobacco packing
Our own customer base and advertisement on our social media pages – Our clients will be
more than happy to visit а new place.
We take responsibility for everything related to hookah, so you will have no cares about it.
Our primary concern is to make customers come continually. We keep customer satisfaction
above all else.

What you will get

New service that will increase average check.

There are testimonies of over 20% increases in average checks, as customers spend more time after ordering hookah. However, check for this table is 70% higher due to ordering hookah and more drinks.

Clients that are looking for something new.

In places that we work with, customer base have increased by 15% in 3 months.

Promotion of your business to attract new audience and increase sales.

We have over 3000 followers on social media and we regularly update information in Google, Yelp and our Website. We also do promotions that motivate customers to give reviews and invite others.

Professional services that fit standards of your business.

Prior to starting our cooperation, we adjust all services, prices, style and ways of working with you.

Resultantly, you get income raise with no investments and risks from your side.
Maximize your profit with $0 investments!

Interested in the growth of your business?


During the COVID-19 we are OPEN for DELIVERY

Health and safety of our customers are our top priorities.

This is the measures we are taking:

  • Hookah pipes are steam cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Every order comes with the brand new single-use hose.
  • To avoid unnecessary contact we do not set up the hookah for you. We do the delivery to your doorstep and explain in details how to set up the hookah so you can do it yourself easily.