Welcome to Puff Hookah Service – the BEST Hookah Service Company in Miami and all South Florida

Throwing a party? Celebrating special occasion like birthday or wedding? Hosting corporate or social event? Maybe you simply would like to have a nice evening relaxing and enjoying professionally made hookah?
Well, you've come to the right place!

Our company provides wide range of professional & high-quality hookah services, so you can choose the one that exactly fits your desires.

Here you may rent hookah and we will deliver ready-to-smoke hookah to your place, teach how to keep up good clouds of smoke, and then return at a predetermined time to pick up the hookah.

Or you may book hookah catering for your event and we will set up requested amount of hookah pipes on your party and our hookah experts will remain on site to keep hookah supplied and maintained.

Finally we can fully assume hookah zone on your event, decorate it and bring special furniture to let your guests feel like in Arabian fairytale. Impress your guests with first-class hookah bar, excellent service and juicy hookahs.

We are the team of professionals in hookah craft! Superior customer service, attention to detail and a consistent drive to raise the standard in hookah art is what sets us apart. Your satisfaction is our pride! From small events to large-scale festival environments, we make sure our quality remains at the highest level!

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Shisha Rentals
& Delivery

Want to enjoy hookah, but don’t have it with you? No worries! You don’t need to go to the hookah bar, hookah bar will come to you!

We will deliver ready to smoke hookah to any place you want at convenient for you time – to your home, picnic and even your boat!

Hookah Catering
for Events

Hosting a party – birthday, wedding, corporate or social event? Want to impress your guests?

Order our hookah catering service and then relax enjoying clouds of smoke. We will set up as much hookah pipes as you want, take care of changing flavors and charcoals throughout the night and take care of everything else.

Hookah Outsourcing
for Restaurants

Own a bar or restaurant? Want to maximize your revenue and bring more clients to your place?

We can help you with that! With our partnership program you can have full hookah bar in your restaurant with no investments.

About us

A Perfect Blend of Sensational Hookahs, Inspiring Ideas and Professional Staff

Puff Hookah Service was established in 2015 here in Miami. Our CEO and founder started with a very simple vision – offering high quality service at a fair price.

Since 2015, Puff Hookah has been serving small parties and big events across South Florida. But, our story began much earlier. Having worked more than 10 years in the events industry, our founders worked in all aspects of the hookah business from serving hookahs to managing hookah lounges and everything in between. With a deep understanding that the great service is the way to the success for any event, they created their own hookah catering business.


We all in our company share the vision for supreme service. All of our staff has big experience, high skills in shisha mixology and passion for the art of hookah. Our staff loves what they do and they do it really good. Taste the professionalism in every puff.

During the COVID-19 we are OPEN for DELIVERY

Health and safety of our customers are our top priorities.

This is the measures we are taking:

  • Hookah pipes are steam cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Every order comes with the brand new single-use hose.
  • To avoid unnecessary contact we do not set up the hookah for you. We do the delivery to your doorstep and explain in details how to set up the hookah so you can do it yourself easily.