This is the instruction “How to prepare a hookah” in a way to please you, and make your guests come again and again for smoking.

Follow our step-by-step guide and enjoy rich taste and clouds of smoke!

How much water to pour into the hookah vase

We take a vase and fill it with water so that the hookah stem plunges in water for one inch. If you use the Egyptian hookah, then it has an expansion closer to the end of the stem, immerse this part in water. Be sure to check while inhaling if the hole in the shaft still in the water during heavy boiling.

Also it is not necessary to insert the stem into the vase each time for checking of water level. You can simply attach the seal part of shaft to the top of vase. Such wise you will easily understand if it is necessary to pour more water or not.


Tobacco preparation

Hookah tobacco sold in vacuum packs; when it is packaged (air is pumped out of the bag), tobacco becomes extremely dense. Before smoking, be sure to make tobacco soft and fluffy. It is better to do this with your hands, shifting the tobacco with the fingers of one hand. Also you can cut tobacco with scissors or a kitchen knife, to make it more fine.

Note that sometimes in pack of tobacco you can find thick sticks and stones, along with extremely dense tobacco leaves. Throw out sticks and stones, flat and cut dense leaves.


How much tobacco to use and how to put the tobacco in the bowl

The amount of tobacco in the hookah depends on the size of the bowl in which it is laid and on the way of packing. To start use the fluffy packing: it is when you throw the loosened tobacco into the bowl, and tobacco chaotically falls inside the bowl by itself. Don’t tamp it, let it fly down naturally. With this packing, half oz. of tobacco is usually enough for classic bowl. But you can find the bowls, which can hold 0,3 oz. of tobacco, and “buckets” in which you can put almost 1,5 oz. If you do strong “overpack”, then tobacco consumption grows twice.

Lay the tobacco so that there is 1/8 inch left from the top layer of tobacco to the foil. In this way the heat from the coal comes to tobacco, it smolders, but at the same time the tobacco does not stick to the foil. This will keep tobacco from burning and you will get a pleasant taste during smoking.

After laying the tobacco in the bowl, make a through tunnel from the top layer of tobacco to the central hole of the classic clay bowl with a toothpick. This technique will improve traction and positively affect the taste and duration of hookah smoking.


Hookah Foil

Use 3 layers of thin foil or 2 layers of thick.

Stretch foil tight on the bowl with tobacco, create tension as on drum. Make holes in the foil, but leave center unholed (remember where you made a tunnel?). If you make a holes in the center, then hot air will go directly to the shaft, without taking flavor from tobacco.

The number and size of the holes is your choice. Some prefer 15-20 large holes, others 70-100 small ones. The main thing is light traction through the foil and easy smoking. I prefer to do a lot and small ones.



Use only proven coal, preferably natural coconut charcoals. Use the round self-lighting coals only as a last resort and if you use them be sure that it is red all around, otherwise will inhale all that harmful chemicals that used to burn it.

Put charcoals into the fire to start or if you have no access to fire, use a stove or a special burner. Wait till coals become evenly red on each side. With a black spots left you can get headache after smoking.

Put the coals on the edges of the bowl so that the coals warm up the bowl. In this way the bowl will warm up evenly and warm the tobacco from the inside. As a result, the hookah will be soft and smoky. The amount of hookah coal depends exclusively on the size of the bowl. Usually three coals are enough, but sometimes you will need up to six pieces, with fruit heads for example.


Starting smoking

The last and the most difficult step – wait 5 minutes!

If you followed our hookah instructions and waited 5 minutes for the head and tobacco to warm up, the tobacco will reach the temperature of decay on its own. Make first puff with a full breast. After two or three deep breaths, the hookah will be ready for smoking. Remove the coals, shake off the ashes from them and put the coals in new places. Twenty minutes later you will need new coals, make sure to cook in advance.


We wish you a smoky hookah!

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