Calm and relaxed smoking is what we all love! But when hookah starts burning, instead of having fun, you start trying to fix hookah and the atmosphere of the event suffers in a negative direction.

In this topic we will teach you how to prevent burning and how to quickly fix it.

There are several reasons of burnt or nasty taste and harsh smoke, so the most important thing is to find the cause fast. Remember how this smoking session differs from the previous ones: do you have a new coal, a new bowl, different tobacco or different liquid in the flask? If the answer to at least one question is “yes”, then it is better to start looking for the cause in this direction.

50% of success in making delicious hookah is the proper care of hookah pipe. If you have a clean stem and vase, the hose that you wash regularly, then more likely your hookah is in good condition and it won’t harsh.
But the reason can also be hidden in the bowl, the coal or the tobacco itself, as well as the liquid filled in the vase.

A list of reasons why you may feel nasty taste:

  • Dirty stem, hose and vase – Wash hookah after each use. Rinse the hookah with cold water under pressure, use a special brush. The hose and mouthpiece require constant monitoring of cleanliness. If you have a silicone hose, just rinse it with water. Classic hose is not recommended to wash with water because of metal coil inside of it. Replace it as soon as the hose begins to emit the characteristic smell of tobacco.
  • Clay bowl absorbed too much syrup from previous sessions – The classic clay bowl absorbs syrup from tobacco. At some point, the bowl reaches maximum and begins to affect the taste. In this case put the bowl in the oven or on the stove at the maximum temperature and syrup will evaporate out of clay. Do this outside, because during this procedure lot of vapor will come out. You can also put the bowl into the fire, but be careful – the bowl may crack. And please use tongs to hold bowl, it will be very hot.
  • Bad or spoiled tobacco – Tobacco spoils when stored improperly, dries with time. Do not keep opened pack for a long time, smoke it. Store tobacco in special containers.
  • Bad coals – Coals should be natural. The best charcoals made of coconut or lemon tree. Do not use quick-lighting coals, this charcoals always give nasty aftertaste and it is very hard to maintain constant heat with this kind of charcoals.

However the most frequent reason is burning of tobacco.

This can happen when:

  • The top layer of tobacco in bowl touches the foil;
  • Excessive heat from the coals.

If you put too much tobacco and there is no space between tobacco and foil (or heat control device), then you will burn upper layer of tobacco, what will affect the taste. Remove the foil and take out excess amount of tobacco. Lay tobacco in such a way, that it is not touching the foil. Close the bowl with foil again. After that you can continue to smoke, forgetting that the hookah was harsh five minutes ago.

If amount of tobacco is ok, then the second most common reason why hookah burning is excessive heat from coal. When done in time, it is enough to perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the coals from the bowl
  2. Take the bowl off (but be careful when doing this because the bowl is extremely hot)
  3. Blow through the bottom of the bowl to cool the bowl down
  4. Put it back on the hookah and start smoking again
  5. Change the position of charcoal from time to time in a different area of the bowl.

Don’t leave hookah with charcoals on top for more than 3 minutes without smoking.

We hope our tips will help you to avoid burning of hookah, harsh and nasty taste. Leave your comment if you have some more tips or you have another way of fixing hookah

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